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  • geisha / japan / maiko / people / kyoto / girl / traditional / makeup
  • Maiko and geiko wear an ear of rice in their hair until January 15th
  • 小凛さん

geisha / japan / maiko / people / kyoto / girl / traditional / makeup

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geisha / japan / maiko / people / kyoto / girl / traditional / makeup

舞妓 小凛さん

Maiko (apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha) make their way round the tea houses of the Miyagawa-cho district in Kyoto, Japan to wish people a happy new year. In the centre the maiko Korin.

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  1. *Umechiyo* 28 months ago | reply

    Happy new year Momoyama san :D

    You did a great framing... May I ask you if see minarai san of Shigemori okiya that day? Her name is Fukunae. She is debuting January 7th I think...

  2. Sprengben [why not get a friend] 28 months ago | reply

    Magnificent Photo, great how you did this! It really deserves Explore. I wish a great Saturday.

  3. ask_andrericardo 28 months ago | reply


    Absolutely stunning.

  4. joniidx 28 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous colors! A rare wide frame to this one. The wide view makes it look more cinematic. Nice use of f-stop as well. Once again, simply breathtaking colors.

  5. StéFan2009 28 months ago | reply

    That's what I thought, look at the answer to the comment I made ^^.

  6. Mohsen Ghafari (HotFrame) 28 months ago | reply

    it's weird beautiful, well done

  7. curlytop3 28 months ago | reply

    i love her sweet little face with perfection:)

  8. jojographicischic 27 months ago | reply

    pro and sharp , love it

  9. Ayilana 27 months ago | reply

    Love the focus.

  10. Sole & Luna 27 months ago | reply

    Awesome photo!

  11. mom_7 23 months ago | reply


  12. LetiB76 22 months ago | reply

    i am enraptured by your geisha photography.....love your images!!!

    [ via momoyama's flickriver  --LetiB76 ]

  13. Ben Treasures 21 months ago | reply

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  14. April.Moulton 18 months ago | reply

    Great focusing!

  15. pawel85 9 months ago | reply

    amazing !!

  16. M@ssiP  6 months ago | reply

    Amazing picture!

  17. Big Brisbane Boy 6 months ago | reply

    Excellent photo.

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