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Satellites and iridium flare | by Robin Onderka Astrophoto
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Satellites and iridium flare

[b]About this photo:[/b]

This is my first try photographing meteor shower Lyrids. However, I was unable (and unlucky) to capture any during 3 hours of shooting. I'd still love to share this outcome. We have lots of light pollution in our country, so the best spot for a clear sky is in the mountains, such as this one in Beskydy mountains, Czech Republic. The house is a part of a local forest hotel and the sky includes Cygnus constellation and its nebulae as well as Lyra and its beautiful blue star - Vega (top right corner)


[b]Technique: [/b]

I walked around to look for a place with an interesting composition, because I wanted to keep the foreground and sky at exact position as it could be seen that night. Then I took photo of the foreground.


I knew I want to track the sky, so I actually moved more to the right where there weren't any negative elements which would interfere with the sky.



A combination of long exposures for the sky (150" f/4 ISO 1600 | 6x stacked for noise reduction) and shorter exposures to capture some of the meteors (20" f/2.8 ISO 6400), both tracked.


I took around 300 photos totally, from which I have chosen few with the trails present and blended few of them into my processed sky in Photoshop made of previous stacks.


Sadly not a single bolide flew into my frame, but I've seen about 5 that night and it was an amazing enjoyment!

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Uploaded on April 22, 2020