Follow The Light 99
Follow the light 99 is a series of psychological self-portraits that arise from the need to reaffirm myself as an individual, reviewing my emotional and affective bonds. It is a vital manifesto on relationships, family or friendship.

The title Follow the Light appropriated from the film Poltergeist, where Carol, a girl, is drawn to the dark side by a storm through the television, is a dimension where the torment is generated. The number 99 of this series suggests the non finite, a road that still follows its route.

The appripiation of the images of my mythical beings have been personalized, placing my eyes in their orbits and adding text to confirm my beliefs, by pressing a letter, a word or a phrase, using the DYMO.

My collages move to provocation, with insulting phrases that reveal loneliness, an oppressed aggression and conflicts with me being true. They are my cultural milestones, they are in my unconscious, they are the patterns that educated me in rebellion.
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