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One Love L's Up is a global movement & concert series for unity. It's a movement of peace for the world to recognize that at the end of the day, we are all special, we are all important. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, that dream woke up the world, now the world needs to open up it's eyes. We need to be proud to stand alone, be strong enough to stand apart, but be smart enough to stand together and that time is right now. Social media is aiding to every issue that this world is experiencing from racism, to terrorism, sexual discrimination, etc...

It's time that we have a symbol, a positive movement that brings together everyone, a voice that stands for one cause, a symbol that represents one world, we need One Love - L's Up 4 One Love Tell us about yourself, as much as you want to divulge, be proud of who you are, because no matter what,
YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING and that's what matters. You deserve the same freedom and the same respect as everyone, everywhere and it's time for you to be heard. Also, please include: - Where Photo was taken: - Photo Taken By: - Photo Sent In By: #LTC #LocalTalentConnect #OneLove #IamNYC #LsUP #OneWorld #OneVoice #OneDream #OneMovement #OneRevolution #Unity #LsUp4OneLove #OneLoveLsUp #LsUpOneLove

A global movement & concert series for unity. Presented by LocalTalentConnect (LTC) In partnership w/Ace Media Corp. onelovelsup.com/
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