LTC Stand Up Comedy Monthly - NYC 2015 August Edition "Premiere"
Wednesday. August 12, 2015 at the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC

LocalTalentConnect (LTC) & Comic Legend
The "Reverend" Bob Levy is proud to present"
The NYC Premiere of the "LTC Stand Up Comedy Monthly"

- Co-Host: Todd Wharton (CEO & Founder of LTC)
- Co-Host: Bob Levy
- LTC Publicists: Diana De Rosa & John Thomas
- LTC Red Carpet Hostess: Kelly Phoenix
- LTC Photographer: Teddy Adolphe
- Video Production (Shot & Edited) by: Ltdezign Productions LLC
- LTC Event Security: Mario Philippe "Bigg Poppa Zoe"
- LTC Event Promoters: Adrian Elias Christopher Williams Charisma Britton Courtney Spox Scheer Delroy Flow Benjamin & Mitchelle M Cobb
Event Line-Up

"Live" Music Performance by:
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**Featured Comics**

- Clipperman Godboldo
- Jerard Washington
- Lori Goldberg Burch
- Matt Bridgestone
- Purnell Holloway
- Vernita Bostick
Post Comedy Party occurred at the:
Bamboo 52
52nd Street, between 8th & 9th Avenue
(1 block South of Broadway Comedy Club)
Added Event Info:

We will also celebrated LTC's partner & friend Bob Levy's birthday.

The "Reverend" Bob Levy. Bob is an American stand-up comedian, radio personality and former wrestler who is best known as being a regular personality on The Howard Stern Show as well as being the co-host of the Miserable Men show on Howard 101 as well as the Artie Lange Show. He has often been the host of comedy roasts, is a frequent guest on the Opie and Anthony Show and was a stand-up comedy performer on the Killers of Comedy tour.
To learn more about The "Reverend" Bob Levy go to:

LTC Stand Up Comedy will be a monthly event that will showcase up and coming comedians. Each event will feature photographers, video crew, red carpet/step and repeat. & a Red Carpet Hostess.

NYC will be the location of the 1st event (Showcasing in the Summer of 2015) at the Broadway Comedy Club, in which The Reverend Bob Levy will head up each monthly showcase along w/the CEO & Founder of LTC - Todd Wharton

LTC will be looking to expand & implement these monthly events in every major city across the country and eventually abroad in due time.
If you are an up and coming comedian and would like the opportunity to showcase your talents, you can send your submission to
Make sure you put in the subject header:
"LTC Stand Up Comedy Performance Submission"
If you are interested in being on display (promoting your brand/vending opportunities) or a sponsor at this monthly event, than email us your submission to Make sure you put in the subject header "LTC Stand Up Comedy Vending/Sponsorship Opportunities"
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