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Is chocolate Bad for Teeth? | by kevindavila2
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Is chocolate Bad for Teeth?

Chocolates can be called as a mostly consumed item during Easter and on other occasions of celebration for enjoying the time shared with family. However, we hardly ask this question, is chocolate good for our teeth? Some of us would like to have dark, white and milk chocolate as they release hormones that uplift your mood and induces happiness in us. There are many types of research that indicate that chocolates are not only good for your body, but it also improves the oral health. However, some of the people show concern for the teeth whitening as well. According to the dentists, a moderate amount of chocolate, consumption is beneficial for dental heath. It can affect your teeth if you have cavities and if the enamel of teeth is not in good condition.


According to recent studies, eating chocolates increase your brain activity by increasing the cognition, especially if you consume it on daily basis. This study has practically experimented on 968 participants over the period of 18-year and the results of the study showed the people who consumed chocolate score higher in comparison to those who were not taking chocolate in their diet. The relationship between chocolate consumption and brain activity is directly responsible for brain productivity in form of sharpening the mind. The people who consume chocolates also get good scores that are designed to test the intelligence of individuals.


Is Milk Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?

The milk chocolate is most widely used and liked by people of all ages in almost all parts of the world. According to dentists, it is not good for the oral health and your teeth in particular, because it contains sugar which damages the enamel of teeth in comparison to the dark chocolate, as it contains fewer amounts of processed elements. The over consumption of milk chocolate can harm your teeth by exposing them to bacterial activity in the mouth. Therefore, the teeth are prone to get cavities and plaque if proper care is not taken to clean the teeth and to avoid the formation of tartar.


The combustion of the milk chocolate consists of cocoa, powdered milk, and sugar. The amount of real cocoa is around 20-30% and rest of it contains a balanced amount of sugar and powdered milk. Milk Chocolate contains a large quantity of sugar in the chocolate that can cause gum diseases and tooth decay as it increases the chance of bacterial activity in the mouth. According to a dentist, the over consumption of milk chocolate can harm teeth of kids if they start having these at the young age. Parents can protect the teeth of the children by not giving milk chocolate during their growing period.


Is Dark Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?

According to the experts, the use of dark chocolate is a better option as it helps in keeping your teeth protected from cavities. Some of the research studies indicate that dark chocolate is required for fighting the cavity formation in the mouth. Moreover, the chocolate is made up of over 300 compounds and which makes it a complex substance. The usage of dark chocolate is suggested for people who are fond of having chocolates but due to tooth decay, they cannot have it. The dark chocolate comprises of polyphenols that are effective in fighting the bacterial activity in the mouth by safeguarding the teeth.


The dark chocolate is helpful in neutralizing the effect of organisms which causes bad breath and is needed for preventing the reaction of the sugars that transforms it into the acid. The acid can destroy the outer layer of teeth called enamel that causes tooth decay and cavities. Dark chocolate consists of flavonoids which are very effective in preventing the tooth decay and it boosts the oral health. It has antioxidants which are needed for improving the health of a body along with the oral health. And it increases the production of the salvia which is required for preventing gum diseases and other dental issues.


Dark chocolate is considered as a “real chocolate” because it is composed of around 70% cocoa and 30% powdered milk and sugar. When the amount of sugar is less, it decreases the harmful effects of milk chocolate and you can make it part of your lifestyle by replacing it with the dark chocolate. According to a recent research on dark chocolate, it is highly recommended for those who want to maintain good oral heath, as it helps in fighting against the bacteria and the mouth which is often the reason of other related complex issues of gums. The daily use of dark chocolate increases the immunity of human body by preventing diseases.


How Tooth Decay Occurs & How You Can Prevent It?

Tooth decay takes place when bacteria in your mouth reacts with the sugar and changes it into acids. These acids start degrading the layers of your teeth; as a result, it causes decay and cavities.


The process of tooth decay is a slow and gradual process, it happens over the certain period of time. Moreover, one can avoid tooth decay by decreasing the sugar intake and improving the diet, in addition to changing the type of food for daily consumption. Furthermore, you can improve oral health by brushing and flossing the teeth on regular basis. Additionally, one must visit the dentist twice a year to diagnose the oral problems early and to remove plaque and tartar buildup.


The use of tannins that are plant compounds can make dark chocolate taste little bitter, and it gives it the dark color. The dark chocolate is an effective mean that prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth. The small molecules of chocolate combine with bacteria and eventually it cause the formation of plague. Additionally, the tannins can cause staining of the teeth. It can be avoided by using whitening strips to improve the health of enamel. But a lot of tannins in dark chocolate degrade the advantages of it and for your oral health. Hence, one can consult the dentist to know about the consumption of dark chocolate.


To conclude, it is a myth that chocolate is harmful to the oral health. According to recent researches, it is good for the health of teeth as it effective in fighting against the bacteria and preventing plaque formation in your mouth. The use of dark chocolate is recommended in comparison to milk chocolate because it contains more sugars which are damaging for dental health.

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Uploaded on May 6, 2017