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Things that Newbie Investors Should Take Into Consideration | by katiegregg
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Things that Newbie Investors Should Take Into Consideration

All a newbie real estate investor would want is a deal to get started. And to get that deal, the investor should take things pretty seriously because making investments and earning profits through is a no-nonsense. Good news is that you don’t need to have a bulk of cash to start investing in the real estate. You just need to show the people that you are serious about business.


Below are some tips to help you with that.


Be well-dressed

I am going to quote one of my friends here, “it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed”. If you are professionally dressed, you can make a statement before even starting a conversation. That will not only impress the individuals you are meeting but it will also act like a confidence boost for you. Imagine a scenario. If you think that you are going to get a loan of $500,000 while wearing cargo shorts and sleeve-less shirt, it’s not going to happen.


Create a professional email address

The email addresses that show your personal interests are not the ones that you can give to the people with whom you are intending to building professional relationship. The best format of an email address for professional messaging is usually a combination of first, middle and last name.


Ask the questions

The people who you are going to meet with for the business purpose are not the ones to be afraid of. For instance, if you do not know about something, which you consider important, before meeting someone, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask them to give you proper details about the matter. Even if you are right in assuming that this question would lay bad impression on them, you should still ask that question. At worse, only the deal will go sour, but you will have the knowledge.


Nevertheless, that’s the worst case scenario I was talking about. In most of the situations, people would be pretty happy to help you if you ask something. Remember, 10 minutes of discussion with a professional can teach you something you can never learn from a book.


Work on your grammar and spelling

It’s a fact that you may have to have most of your conversations using text messaging and email services. So, make sure that you are using correct grammar and spelling while typing your message. For instance, you need to write ‘You are’ instead of ‘UR’ in the emails that you send to your bank. Similarly, avoid using all caps while typing your computer. Using all caps means you are angry and now you are yelling.


Be yourself

One of the easy recipes to make people not taking you seriously is to act like you know about everything. That will portray you as someone who is needlessly defensive and arrogant. So, be confident only about what you know and never hesitate appreciate the knowledge of others.

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Uploaded on May 2, 2017