Hope is the Thing with Feathers 2020
At MRBO, we believe that birds provide people with awe, happiness and connection to the natural world. This connection benefits both adults and children in many ways. One of the goals of this contest is to inspire as many people as possible to photograph beautiful images of birds that can be shared with others. At the same time, we are able to raise funds in support of MRBO’s on-going education and outreach programs.

For all amateur photographers, this is an opportunity to contribute to conservation education in Missouri and have a chance to win cash prizes! The Missouri River Bird Observatory invites you to submit your favorite bird photo to our Hope is the Thing With Feathers 2020 photography contest. The contest runs from November 1st to December 31st, 2020. To make things more exciting, we surveyed photographers who had submitted photos in previous years’ contests and asked what they thought would make the contest more interesting. Based on their input, four bird guilds which have not been highly photographed will make up the categories: These are: vireos, flycatchers, wrens/chickadees/titmice, and shorebirds.

In deference to the extraordinary time in which we’re living, our Grand Prize category for 2020 is entitled “Of Time & Space”. In this category, we are looking for bird photos that photographers would not have captured if the changes to everyday life in 2020 hadn’t opened the door to a particular time and place. Nature has provided refuge for humans more than ever in 2020. We are looking for the story behind how you came to get your special photo during these pandemic times; this will be part of the scoring in this category. Any native bird species can be entered in this category.
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