Shemya Island 1970 - 1971
Photos from my hitch on "The Rock".

If you were on Shemya, especially if you were at the AAFJOG, I'd be happy to read your comments and recollections.

These photos make the weather look much better than it really is. When I left I estimated that there had been no more that 14 totally clear days in 11 months, and even fewer calm days.

All photos were taken with Kodak Retina IIIc with a Schneider Xenon f2.0 / 50mm, except as noted.

The color photos are mostly from Ektachrome slides. If I am sure it was Kodachrome I tagged it as such.

The colors have shifted on most slides. I have corrected the color best I could, and did some minor cropping. If anyone wants a high resolution copy, let me know.

I also shot a lot of B&W, and if I can locate those negatives I'll scan them too.

All photos are Copyright (c) 1971, 2013 Rod Bonser All rights reserved. No reprints without permission. Please do not repost anywhere.
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