Muster of Rohan V: The Fist of Isengard
The fifth event in the series mustered close to 30 Rohirrim in the Eored from mainly The Rohirrim, The Riders of Riddermark and Westfold allies plus quite a few lone ranger rohirrim from other kinships (and you are especially welcome to the muster).

In the Battle of Hollin Pass, when the assaulting White Hand wargriders and Uruk Hai's seemed overwhelming a host of aroud 15 Elves came to the rescue to save the day against the Fist of Isengard.

Next time we take the gap of Rohan!
Westu Hal Eorlingas!

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Muster of Rohan IV: The Shadow of Isengard

We rode fast an almost unhindered by Dunlednings up through Enedwaith, passing the deserted ruins of Tharbad and into Eriador. Isenrid Found tracks both coming from the north and going back up again.

We crossed into Rhudaur along the river Bruinen instead of sticking to the Great Southern Road. Tracking the White hand orcs cant be done on the main roads. Arriving in Rhudaur we were not surprised by the trolls but more so by stumbling into an elven settlement. They were, as opposed to what I first feared, not as hostile as I have heard from outposts in The Wold, who for a long time have had to guard themselves against the Witch across Limelight.

My Captain Thraindir sent Isenrid west into the lands of Bree to search for more recent tracks and information on the White Hands an their unknown Master. Only two days after he was sent out a few Eorlingas, having heard rumours - possibly from Isenrid, about our camp, came to us in the Trollforest. My heart was enlightened by this unforseen event. In heavy rain they took shelter with us, asking for news from home. A woman from West March was very afraid for her family hearing of the Ork raids along river Isen. Another one, Freiwyn, was worried about her brother Freiwulf and I met, this summer, a young man with that name riding with Théored, son of Théoden King...
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