Most Beautiful Paint Job Ever...

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    I'm not sure how they do this, but the paint is actually iridescent, not just pearly.The car takes on different colors depending on how light is hitting it. Seen from the side this day, the car appeared purplish blue. It looked like an actual beetle insect!

    1. Bushman.K 45 months ago | reply

      There are special effect car paints to get this look. And it works mostly the same way as insect colorful surfaces. For example, House of Kolor offers their "Shimrin Kameleon" just for that. Some of such paints are very close to natural - sparkling green with yellow and orange accent, like Cetonia aurata. Unfortunately, it's expensive and not available in small quantities, so it's hard to use it for making fictional (or real) bug models with 3D-printing service and paint it like real bugs.

    2. gnommi 45 months ago | reply

      ooh that's delicious

    3. alan_sailer 45 months ago | reply


      As Bushaman says, the effect is the same as found in certain insects.

      There is no colored pigment involved at all, just microscopic pieces of layered dielectric material that create different interference colors depending on viewing angle.

      I first saw the "paint" at a bike show about ten years back, very striking. I have also seen it used in nail polish.


    4. Sea Moon 45 months ago | reply

      Well if it's used in nail polish, it's available in smaller amounts, right? I'll have to start looking...

    5. Sea Moon 45 months ago | reply

      I just did a little looking around..."expensive" just doesn't even BEGIN to capture how ridiculous the prices are...WOW.

    6. jah~ 45 months ago | reply

      Far out!

    7. Bushman.K 45 months ago | reply

      Heh, paint kit for a car could have price tag around $800..
      I saw some kinds of "chameleon nail polish", but there was very poor color changing effect. And most of them had just rainbow pearl effect (like inexpensive "Make It Pearl" or "Mystic Prism" spray by Krylon), not transition between specific colors.

    8. ☣ bionerd ☢ 44 months ago | reply

      ha! i've seen one of those as well, but failed to photograph it. wonder if it's a US thing. never saw one in europe.

    9. Sea Moon 44 months ago | reply

      I don't know if they have this in Europe. It's ridiculous that just to buy the paint kit costs as much as a cheap used car.

    10. Bushman.K 44 months ago | reply

      It's less popular in Europe, but you could see such paint job sometimes. Especially in Eastern Europe: Poland, Russia, Ukraine. And sometimes paint job costs the same money as car (old Japanese "street racing" car with lots of plastic body parts, spoilers and diffusers).

    11. Lenwin 43 months ago | reply

      Rare and stunning ~~

    12. DrPhotoMoto 42 months ago | reply

      I believe this color is produced by thin film interference.

      This photograph is a great example of Thin Film Interference - TFI
      Please consider posting your shot in TFI

      Thin Film Interference - TFI Group

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