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So, I saw Tron Legacy the other day, and felt compelled to build something from it... the Light Cycle seemed like a good choice. It wasn't. This is probably the most illegal thing I've built this year, though I am proud to say it's completely purist - all parts used are 100% official! Now, you'll notice many stickers all over this sucker [particularly the "wheel" sections]; while the stickers [which are mostly these by the way] are critical for holding each set of two old-style wheels together, they're not the only thing holding the wheel sections to the middle section, I assure you! If I chose something more orthodox, the vehicle would have been too big. Stickers are slick.


The thing with this new, re-designed light cycle is that its scale is incredibly deceptive. They look pretty big when they're zooming around, but upon closer examination [thank goodness there's so much reference out there!] they're not that big at all.


Also, this is the first time I've built something using a minifigure as "part" of the vehicle... I usually look at minifigs as extra to be added later, but not with this build. Unfortunately, minifigure's legs do not bend like a humans, so he's not really sitting on the light cycle "perfectly"; I had to pose him how I thought might look best. I didn't want to create a whole new, brick-built pair of legs that have a knee for fear that they'd simply blend in with the vehicle itself and the viewer wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two.


Just a couple words about the picture from me; I hadn't seen the first one, so I can only comment on the second and not compare them. While much of the dialogue was just plain campy, it was a visually stunning sight. The first 30 seconds was really cool in 3-D [I'm talking about the Disney title scene and the main title scene.] And the music, by the incomparable Daft Punk, was perfect. In fact, as I was building this, I had it blasting. I highly recommend buying the soundtrack.


There are more pictures on MOCpages or Brickshelf once moderated.

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Taken on December 19, 2010