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So, I saw Tron Legacy the other day, and felt compelled to build something from it... the Light Cycle seemed like a good choice. It wasn't. This is probably the most illegal thing I've built this year, though I am proud to say it's completely purist - all parts used are 100% official! Now, you'll notice many stickers all over this sucker [particularly the "wheel" sections]; while the stickers [which are mostly these by the way] are critical for holding each set of two old-style wheels together, they're not the only thing holding the wheel sections to the middle section, I assure you! If I chose something more orthodox, the vehicle would have been too big. Stickers are slick.

The thing with this new, re-designed light cycle is that its scale is incredibly deceptive. They look pretty big when they're zooming around, but upon closer examination [thank goodness there's so much reference out there!] they're not that big at all.

Also, this is the first time I've built something using a minifigure as "part" of the vehicle... I usually look at minifigs as extra to be added later, but not with this build. Unfortunately, minifigure's legs do not bend like a humans, so he's not really sitting on the light cycle "perfectly"; I had to pose him how I thought might look best. I didn't want to create a whole new, brick-built pair of legs that have a knee for fear that they'd simply blend in with the vehicle itself and the viewer wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two.

Just a couple words about the picture from me; I hadn't seen the first one, so I can only comment on the second and not compare them. While much of the dialogue was just plain campy, it was a visually stunning sight. The first 30 seconds was really cool in 3-D [I'm talking about the Disney title scene and the main title scene.] And the music, by the incomparable Daft Punk, was perfect. In fact, as I was building this, I had it blasting. I highly recommend buying the soundtrack.

There are more pictures on MOCpages or Brickshelf once moderated.

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  1. græy 51 months ago

    Very cool. Nice use for the Clik-Its(?) part.

  2. Preston_J.P. 51 months ago

    Very good, have you seen the Brickarms chakram disk? :)

  3. Sir Nadroj 51 months ago

    ^Yup, but I don't have any.

  4. Titolian 51 months ago

    One of my favorite parts in the movie was seeing Daft Punk in the club :)

    Excellent purist rendition!

  5. Sir Nadroj 51 months ago

    ^Same here! Definitely one of the best scenes.

  6. Lord-Oblivion 51 months ago

    I love the new Tron movie <3 thanks for making this dude :3

  7. Joriel "Joz" Jimenez 51 months ago

    Nice photography work Jordan. Dark, yet crisp. : )

  8. Mr Craig Lyons. 51 months ago

    Hell cool. Loving the use of the clickit. And your photography is getting better.

  9. Sir Nadroj 51 months ago

    Thanks guys!

    ^I think you've said that before... has my photography been so bad that there's a distinct difference with every recent set I've taken? :-P

  10. CrazyBrıck 51 months ago

    This just screams NPU all over, particularly the torso. Would you mind giving up the part number for the leg print? It just looks so cool...

  11. Sir Nadroj 51 months ago

    ^Don't know the part number, but I do know it's from the last wave of Alpha Team sets.

  12. Masked Builder 51 months ago

    Lookin' good as always Jordan!


  13. William-D-Watson 51 months ago

    You should try to build a recognizer next. ;)

  14. 51 months ago

    This was added to's queue. Check back soon for the post!

  15. Jonathan d[-_-]b 51 months ago

    I am fan of Tron so I like it. But, what is the circle? Is it a Lego piece?

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