LfW Lockdown in Bolton
Live from Worktown invited people to submit photos for an exhibition capturing the experience of the Spring 2020 Lockdown in our town. We asked for photos under three headings, 'Out and About', At Home' and 'PPE'.

Thank you everybody who took the trouble to think about this and submit entries. The submissions truly match the experience for us all this Spring. Some are poignant, many are imaginative and of course there is sadness around. Some on the other hand - this is Live from Worktown after all - are bit off beam...or frankly weird.

And here they are. We have not split them up into the three headings. That's because with most its obvious what they represent but others wander across categories.

But well done and keep safe!

Live from Worktown is a Bolton based organisation which promotes all types of Art events throughout the borough and beyond.
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