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It’s Great Having a Dental Hygienist in the Family | by hymancalkins
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It’s Great Having a Dental Hygienist in the Family

My brother got married almost 4 years ago, and yet during that time I’ve never failed to find a moment where his wife wasn’t useful in helping identify or give advice for my dental health.


So, I’m pretty glad she’s a dental #hygienist. There are a lot of things that she’s told me to just do at home, and there are a handful where she recommended that I see the dentist immediately. It’s been a ton of help in allowing me to realize when I should seek professional care and when I can get away with some sort of homemade poultice or mouthwash to help ease whatever temporary pain I have.


In reality, I wish everything was like that for all of us. If we all had a doctor, dentist, tech expert, financial advisor, and trainer in the family, we’d be a hell of a lot happier. And there’s no doubt that we’d save more money, be in better athletic shape, have all of our computers and TVs set up right, and know when to go to the doctor and when we could just stay home and save more money.


That’s how it goes, though. Those who do have such connections are the lucky few. Because you can’t just decide who you’re related to. You can’t just tell your family members to go into a specific career for your own personal gain. And you can’t just make friends with your #doctor or financial advisor simply because you want advice while they’re off the clock and you don’t have to pay.


That’s just simply not how the world works.


But as I said, I feel quite lucky to have someone in that field in my family so that I can shoot her a quick text asking why something is in pain or what I should do about my bad breath. She’s always attentive and quick to reply, so I’m never left waiting for long on how to tackle the next dental issue I’ve got on my plate.


It’s funny looking at family and friends as experts on their field and wishing we all had more family in this industry or that. If you truly want expert opinions on something, it’s out there waiting for you. The only catch? That you have to seek it out, find what’s credible and what’s not, and you’re putting time and effort into the task. So, it makes sense that we’d all love a quick reference to what to do in a text from an expert. Because who wants to do all the heavy lifting and look it all up on your own?

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Uploaded on April 23, 2019