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    i painted one wall. i went to get the fan to blow on that wall. the door closed and locked me out. with the fan. no shoes. in the rain. yeah it was one of those days. at least i had pants and a bra on. thank god.

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    1. AFishGirl 34 months ago | reply

      Beautiful bread. I miss "NowYou." I hope you and Meredith are cooking up "Step Two" of it all. Happy new house settling.

    2. kristin~mainemomma 34 months ago | reply

      yes! fall will be here before you know it. XO

    3. caroline macmoran 34 months ago | reply

      What beautiful light--and that bread looks delicious! Now I need to get a snack...

    4. echie52 34 months ago | reply

      I'm always afraid of locking myself out. Knock on wood, I haven't done it yet. Love the cutting board and the bread looks delicious.

    5. LindaRaymond 34 months ago | reply

      The light is beautiful.

    6. allison mcd 34 months ago | reply

      glad you found a sweet neighbour ...
      happy house warming to you xoxo

    7. beauty_goodness_truth 34 months ago | reply

      Sounds like it was the perfect way to meet the neighbor! Tell me you didn't bake this bread in the middle of all the house settling. . .

    8. auntsmack4u 34 months ago | reply

      ( loL --about having a bra on pants on! - did you have as shirt on? )

    9. Cinco_Mom 34 months ago | reply

      yay for sweet neighbors, good bread and bras!.....wait....skip the bra. :)

    10. 1.mirabelle 34 months ago | reply

      Beautiful picture ... & the bread looks good :)

    11. Reem eng 34 months ago | reply

      Oh god, what happened then?!
      This is really lovely, btw.

    12. kristin~mainemomma 34 months ago | reply

      no store bought bread. yummy though. and "slip the bra" oh mary... how i wish i could... :)

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