Dorvack Powered Armors
One of my greater mecha passions! Originally, these kits were produced by Gunze Sangyo as merchandising for the eponymous Dorvack TV series back in 1983-84.

This typical 'real robot' series was on air just for a short time, and it was apparently not a huge success. But it offered cool designs, which, among others, heavily influenced the later Transformers. And there were the bulky Powered Armors, "PA" for short.

But what is/was it all about? The year is 1999 (then). The Idelians, whose colony-ship has been wandering space for tens of thousands of years, are nearing exhaustion. Their sole hope is to settle on the nearest habitable planet: Earth! Soon after their arrival in orbit, they launch an invasion, landing a large attack force in the Alps.

The Earth Defense Forces valiantly fight against the enemy's powered armors, but with little success. Only one unit is able to inflict significant damage, the 'Special Armored Battalion Dorvack'. They are equipped with special variable mecha (designed by Katsumi Itabashi and Nobuyoshi Haraba), that are able to convert from rugged all-terrain vehicles to humanoid forms - and with less flashy Powered Armors, which come in various models and guises and which have been inspiring modelers around the world for 25 years now.

In 2007, the Gunze Sangyo kits/molds were literally revived by Aoshima and re-released, in boxed sets and together with the special 'Hyper Dorvack' kits: conversions of the originals with extra parts (Probably designed by Makoto Kobayashi?).

In this album you will find both authentic and fictional Powered Armors, including OOB kits, refined builds or conversions, the latter inspired by TV series footage or by other sources.

These little kits have a huge inspirational potential, since their design is IMHO as timeless and clean as Shoji Kawamori's Macross VF-1 Valkyries from the same era. You can do so much with them!

Have a look around and enjoy!
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