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Precious Moments. | by Doxii
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Precious Moments.

Tonks wasn’t a bad mother. The bay mare allowed her foal to nurse from him, but that’s about all the interaction that was noticeable between the duo. Petrificus Totalus, or Teddy for short was the name that was given to the dark foal would try his hardest to grab the attention of his mother. Unfortunately, she would dismiss him. “She’s not a very broody mare,” was the reply that Riley would always receive when passerbys would notice the mare and foal out in the pasture. “She’s not mean to him, is she?” someone once asked Riley. Riley never noticed the mare being mean to the foal. She wouldn’t bite or lash out at him, and always approved of him nursing from her, but she could care less if the foal was in the pasture or stall with her. So, with a veterinarian’s approval she decided to go ahead and begin bottle feeding the foal. Supplements were added into the milk which would provide the foal with helpful minerals, and Teddy seemed to enjoy the milk as he guzzled it down happily. He is, of course, a growing boy.

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Uploaded on November 23, 2021