Senior Division Beal Bank Awards Banquet
Beal Bank has great faith in the youth of America and their potential to take on leadership in science and engineering and welcomes the opportunity to help develop young minds as they search for knowledge and discovery. As the sole title sponsor of the Beal Bank Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair, the Bank is pleased to reward the work of these bright students through support of student prizes, the Awards Banquet, and the winners’ trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Congratulations to all winners!
This year, approximately 500 local scientists and engineers volunteered to judge at the Regional Fair. Judges assess students’ projects based on creative ability, scientific thought, engineering goals, skill, thoroughness, clarity, and other criteria. Over the course of just a few hours, about 5,000 interviews were conducted and 650 separate awards made.
Beal Bank Prizes
Student projects are judged over two rounds in different science categories in junior and senior divisions based on specific ISEF criteria. In the first round, judges interview all students, narrowing the selection of projects to be assessed next. In the second round, judges designate over 100 projects as the first-, second-, third- and, in large categories, fourth-place winners. These win cash prizes from Beal Bank and qualify for the Texas State Science & Engineering Fair. In addition, approximately 250 honorable mention ribbons are awarded.
Beal Bank Grand Prizes
A new set of expert judges interview the top projects in category and award grand prizes to the top eight projects at the Fair—two per division for both life and physical sciences. Beal Bank sponsors the trip for the senior-division winners and runners-up to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair.
Special Awards
Members of local and national organizations attend the Fair to judge projects which fit a specific area of interest to them, using their own criteria to determine winners. This year, students received over 150 special awards from many different organizations.
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