10 year anniversary of Tibet Charity in India
Tibet Charity (India) celebrated its 10th founding anniversary at the TIPA auditorium on 27th October 2014.
Sikyong Dr.Lobsang Sangay was the chief guest and Mr. Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile was the guest of honour. The ceremony was also attended by dignitaries including members of the Tibetan Parliament, Secretaries of Home, Education and Health, and sponsors and donors of Tibet Charity.
The Director welcomed the dignitaries and expressed the importance of celebrating such occasions at times to acknowledge and thank the sponsors, well-wishers, volunteers and staff for their immense contribution towards the programs initiated by Tibet Charity in 10 years time for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden.
He read out, in brief, the activities of Tibet Charity during the last 10 years under different sections of the Organisation namely Education, Healthcare, Social Development and Animal Care.
Speaking at the ceremony, Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay said: “During the past ten years, Tibet Charity has worked closely with various Departments of the Central Tibetan Administration and has made contributions in providing scholarships, organising health awareness programs, initiating animal care programs and supporting other welfare programs.”
He lauded the organisation’s exemplary work in social service particularly in areas where the Tibetan administration has been unable to reach. “There are lots of things that the Tibetan administration can do to serve the Tibetan community. Then there are certain things that we have not been able to reach out to, this is where Tibet Charity has been most effective.”
“It is not easy to conduct such large scale social service in a community. There are lots of bureaucratic as well as administrative hurdles. However, despite all the challenges, Tibet Charity has sustained their services for over ten years which I believe is a truly remarkable achievement. Therefore, I commend Tibet Charity for all the hard work put forth by the organisation to support the Tibetan community,” he exclaimed.
Sikyong also underscored the importance of service to society. He said that a kind heart alone is not sufficient. “We need to have the willingness to serve. One can be kind hearted but if there is no service to humanity, your productivity or contribution is limited,” he said.
“His Holiness the Dalai Lama always advices us to inculcate in ourselves the passion to serve humanity. Therefore, I believe that Tibet Charity’s programs of helping the poor and elderly Tibetans, and providing health care to homeless and injured animals are true compassion in action,” he added.
Speaker Penpa Tsering, in his address, spoke briefly about the notable works of Lakha Rinpoche, the founder of Tibet charity. He also spoke about the importance of responsible leadership in an organisation to successfully carry forward a project and lauded the work done by the Tibet Charity team.
He particularly applauded Tibet Charity’s program of looking after the poor and elderly Tibetans in and around Dharamshala. “Today, there are a lot of elderly Tibetans who stay alone. Their children have gone abroad for economic reasons leaving their elderly parents alone in their homes. Therefore, just sending money is not enough. The elderly need support in their daily life. So, the service provided by this organisation in looking after these elderly Tibetans are truly immeasurable,” he said.
Lakha Rinpoche, the founder of Tibet Charity and a former member of the Tibetan Parliament, talked about his objectives of initiating the organisation. “I fled Tibet after the brutal occupation of Tibet by China. After reaching India, I felt that I cannot afford to remain basking in this new found freedom. I realised that I had to do something for my fellow Tibetans and that’s how Tibet Charity took shape,” he said.
Ms Gunver Juul, a board member of Tibet Charity in Denmark delivered the vote of thanks.
Some cultural programs were presented on the occasion by the students of Tibet Charity Open Basic Education program and the artistes of Tibetans Institute of Performing Arts.
The celebration received wide media coverage in both Tibetan and international newspapers and televisions.
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