Children's Day Cerebrations-02/07/087
The Faith of Unity cerebrated the Children's Day also known as Flowers Day on the 2nd July 2017 (087). One of our reported had a attended prayers at Kagadi Itambiro in Kapyemi Bukwenda. The day started with matching around Kagadi town where all children belonging to the Faith of Unity together with their parents carried flowers, sung beautiful hymns of the Faith of Unity.

Kagadi Itambiro Faith of Unity believers in a pared ready to start matching. Photo Credit: Omuhereza Mwinganiza
The Flowers Day stared way back on 02/07/ 1986 after Owobusobozi Bisaka (Founder of the Faith of Unity) helped many women to deliver especially those who had been bewitched. The believers are so grateful to Owobosobozi Bisaka for coming to their rescue when they least expected it.

Faith of Unity believers from Kagadi Itambiro in demonstrating their excitement in Kagadi Town-Photo Credit: Omuhereza Mwinganiza
In Mohorro, there is woman who had been bewitched and stayed with her pregnancy for 7 years. the community members thought she was not pregnant. When she joined the Faith of Unity, Owobusobozi Bisaka told her that "Kneel down and give birth!" the woman said, "Am not pregnant, i have been bewitched for seven years now.". Owobusobozi Bisaka insisted and commanded here again "Kneel down and give birth!". She knelt down and gave birth to a baby boy! God is great. After 7 years, she couldn't even believe that this would end someday.
The boy was name Asiimwe (Let God be Thanked). Today this boy is a man, a father of twins and professional music producer for the Faith of Unity.

This is just one example of women who were helped by Owobusobozi Bisaka! The number is huge and even today Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi has saved millions of lives for the people of this world. Some of us we don't even realize His intervention. We just see things happening but what i believe is that we shall come to realize that God is with Us. We eat and drink with Him.
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