"Dog Days of Summer" Rally 2020
Saturday Aug 22nd is a date we have been counting down to as we are finally able to start doing a few Porsche related events. We easily filled the 25 max-number of cars we could have while maintaining our 50 person or less gathering at F Burton Smith Park. Everyone enjoyed the Rally School, but stressed at the 3 hour time limit imposed by our "Evil" Rally Masters David O'Neal and Brian Reinert.
Everyone agreed it was a challenging , but fun rally!
Here are the winning teams:
1st Place Expert:Milt Weisman/Melissa Carns
2nd Place Expert: Scott and Sue Kee
3rd Place Expert: Kevin and Barbara Duffy
1st Place Novice: Glenn Matchett/ Derek and Stacy Mueller
2nd Place Novice: Michael Towers/ Sally Sange
3rd Place Novice: Scott and Becke Hansen
Spirit Award - Coming all the way from the west coast - Vince and Denise Missonak

Thanks to everyone who came out, masked up and followed great social distancing! A special THANKS to our great rallymasters who pride themselves on giving us all a challenge!

Shared photo credit with Melissa Diaz and Barbara Duffy
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