The Gathering of the Faithful - Feb 2020
356 Florida Owners Group (FOG)
2020 Gathering of the Faithful (GOF)
was held at the
February 6-9, 2020

With 118 people at the banquets and over 60 356's on the concours field, this weekend was wonderfully successful!

The drive on Friday had a great route and many twists in the road! The swap meet helped FOG members pretend to off load some of their hoard - but it appeared more like shuffling their treasures around!
Saturday morning was nippy at 36 degrees, but the cars showed well and the air warmed up quickly once the sun came up. A nice treat on Saturday afternoon was the Fort Island Beach Ice Cream Social in which "All you can eat icecream" was gulped down by happy drivers and navigators alike!
Saturday concluded with a lovely banquet where more stories were swapped and awards were given out to the People's Choice Concours winners in each class.
We completed the weekend with a quick Board Meeting in which some plans for drives and events were discussed along with fitting people in "Official" positions within the club.

Thank you to all of the coordinators, volunteers and sponsors who made this great event possible. Members of the club appreciate you!
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