Shells Everywhere
411 scallop shells were installed in the Van Gogh Museum on May 15, 2018. Each one marked with a ‘carbon-black’ ink spill. 411 parts per million carbon dioxide are present today in our atmosphere. A dark stain is spreading on our future.
In parliament corridors and university lecture halls, science fairs and museum openings, with marathons and microscopes Shell place their influence. Sponsoring disinformation and shedding doubt in every corner, eager to get ahead of the curve and reap the opportunities afforded to them by melting ice caps, and extreme weather events.
In pursuit of private profit, at the expense of a livable planet.
Science’s numbers, criminally buried and royally denied by Shell in this make or break era, have today been placed on exhibit for their #artwashing partners to reckon with.
#ShellsDirtyHands are all over our culture. It’s time to remove their poisonous influence.
Time for the Van Gogh Museum to #DropShell, or accept they are complicit and enabling ecocide.
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