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4 Ways To Help Better Sell Your Home In The Winter | by felipemccoy
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4 Ways To Help Better Sell Your Home In The Winter

Selling your home can often be challenging. Granted there are those lucky ones that somehow miraculously find a buyer within days or ever hours of putting their home for sale on the market. However, for us mere mortals, it often will take weeks or months before we even have interest. Especially, when you’re trying to sell your home during the off-season, which is the winter. Selling your home in winter poses it’s whole new set of challenges. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And actually, depending on a few things it can actually provide you with advantages you wouldn’t otherwise have in the summer months. So, in this article we will share with you our four tips to help you sell your house during wintertime.


Tip #1: Always Make Sure That Your Home Is Accessible


This tip seems fairly obvious. But you’d be surprised. One of the worst things you can do to hinder a home sale, is to keep your driveway and sidewalks blocked with snow. So, make sure you keep all surfaces cleared of snow, as well as ice. Lay plenty of rock salt down to prevent new ice from forming, and of course don’t forget those back steps. (You never know which walkways or stairs potential buyers will walk on.) Plus, you also never know when a showing will occur. So, be diligent and say on top of keeping your surfaces clear and ready to go.


Tip #2: Bring On The Heat


Nothing is worse than walking into a cold house during the winter months. So, don’t make your potential buyers do it. If you fail to heat your house before a showing, you could set an initial precedent of your house being uninviting, which will effect the buyer’s decision. Plus, they’ll immediately be uncomfortable, which again, no way plays into your favor. So, if you know you have an upcoming showing, get on over to your house and blast the heat. Make sure you give your potential buyers the sense of warmth and comfort the minute they walk into the door.


Tip #3: Make Your Home A Winter Wonderland


By this we mean make your home a winter land paradise for your potential buyers. If you have a fireplace use it. Potential homebuyers love walking out of the cold into a warm house with a roaring fireplace. It gives off a feeling of being at home, along with being warm and cozy. You can further add to the ambiance if your house is furnished, by adding in warm rugs and extra pillows. Also, keep plenty of logs stacked by the fire to let them know you have a never-ending supply of warmth coming their way.


Tip #4: Make Sure Buyers Can See What The Outside Has To Offer


More than likely your potential buyers won’t be in any mood to take a stroll outside. So, make sure that any important features, such as a pool, patio, deck, outdoor fireplace, etc., are viewable from one more windows. You want to let your potential buyers know what’s there, so they can get a sense of the entire package. You may use Multifamily Leasing Technology to sell more quickly. Selling your home in the winter doesn’t need to hard. In fact, often times you’ll have less competition from other sellers, because it is an off-season time. You just need to make sure you do your best to follow these tips and accommodate your potential buyers as much as you can. If you do, then you can turn your home into a winter wonderland, that no one will want to say no too.


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Uploaded on January 30, 2017