Ærø - Denmark
Ærø is a Danish island, located in the Baltic Sea near the southern entrance to the Lillebælt to the south of Fyn. Ærø is 88 km2 and has approx. 7.000 inhabitants. Most of them living in the 3 largest cities: Ærøskøbing, Marstal, and Søby or in one of the 14 villages on the island.

Ærø is known for being advanced in the field of Renewable energy, having one of the largest solar energy installations in the world, as well as a large park of windmills. Taken together, Ærø has reached a level, where 50% of its energy consumption comes from renewable energy.

Ærø is a nice place for hiking and cycling, and provides quiet beaches, which also attract fishermen and artists.

The town of Ærøskøbing represents the historic center of the island, with narrow lanes and picturesque houses from the 18th century. Main port is Marstal, the economic center of the island is Marstal.

At the highest elevation of the island near Molde, there is the "peace bench" made by the sculptor Erik Brandt. It is intended to invite people to take a look about the island and the sea, pondering over world peace.

Located in the South-of-Funen Archipelago, Ærø is favoured by particularly fine weather. The number of sunshine hours on Ærø is higher than the average of the rest of Denmark, and the year-round temperature is also a few degrees higher than the national average

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