Joe Welch's American Antique Museum
My latest Americana obsession? Vintage slot machines. Why? I haven't the faintest idea. I don't even like to gamble. My determination, however, to encounter face-to-face a 1950s one-armed bandit, in the likeness of a cowboy, brought me to...

Joe Welch's American Antique Museum in San Bruno, California
(Located at 383 West San Bruno Ave., conveniently across the street from Rolling Pin Donuts)

Folks, did you know that the Liberty Bell slot machine was invented in San Francisco by Charles Fey in the late 1800s? I didn't.

In just 30 years, over a million of these machines could be found around the world.

And, did you know that the Johnson Act of 1951, making slot machines illegal, nearly killed an entire industry? I didn't.

By the 1960s, only the state of Nevada offered a safe (and legal) haven for slot machines.

Well, if you like vintage slot machines, and/or vintage arcade games, you are in for a REAL TREAT, should you visit Joe Welch's American Antique Museum. Joe presents his collection to the public for FREE.

As my dad says, "you can't beat that price."
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