[CUSTOM] Royal Royalite
A lovely pale blue 1964 Parade arrived with a perfect body but with mechanicals damaged beyond repair

The body from the Parade was removed from the damaged works and took a trip to Toronto, Canada where it was re-born a vibrant sunflower yellow with intricate embellishments.

The artist is Linda Arthurs and all design work is credited to her.


Once the naked (but beautiful) body from the Parade returned to Texas, the working mechanicals from a 1965 Royalite were carefully bolted into the freshly hand-painted 1964 Parade body.

This is the result.

(No living typewriters were harmed in this project! The original case from the 1965 Royalite is painted a crisp tomato red and awaits it's next mechanical soul. Royal allows a variety of bodies and mechanicals to "snap together", so it won't be long before the "little red Royal" will also be back at work.
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