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Why Hand Wrapping Of Pallets Can Be a Costly Practice | by refugiobolden
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Why Hand Wrapping Of Pallets Can Be a Costly Practice

Do you wrap your pallets using the #pallet #wrapping equipment or do you trust your employees to do the wrapping manually? Pallet wrapping is a challenging task. And there can be various reasons you should or shouldn’t consider using dedicated #equipment for the wrapping of your pallets. It mainly depends upon the volume of work you need to do.


There are a few things that you need to consider to decide whether or not you need to wrap your pallets using pallet wrapping equipment.


The number of pallets you need to wrap every day

If you have fewer pallets to wrap every day and you don’t think that your employees are not bothered enough to lose performance due to tiredness, you can surely continue with the manual wrapping of your pallets. However, if you have huge output to generate and you want the pallets to be wrapped in speed and that too without the quality being compromised, you can consider getting pallet wrapping equipment to speed up the job.


Are you certain about the consistency of performance by your employees?

You may have some great employees working for you in the packaging department. But do you realize that they could be costing you extra money? Think about the process of running around a pallet to wrap the products. There are many factors which need to be taken care of while wrapping a pallet. Some of those factors include consistency of the wrap throughout the area which needs to be wrapped, stretching of wrap to ensure maximum life of the roll, and keeping every item together. Remember, ensuring the accuracy while wrapping the pallet manually is pretty close to impossible.


Consistency in lower cost

Great workers demand great cost to be spent in form of the salaries you pay them. Still, they won’t be able to ensure consistency of pallet wrapping if they are doing it manually. They may have an eye to see the requirements of pallet wrapping in certain areas of the pallets to ensure better wrap but they might not be able to do it when it comes to wrapping of the pallets manually. On the other hand, a pallet wrapping equipment will allow your pallets to be wrapped with a consistent application of wrapping film. You can accurately adjust the amount of stretch required to ensure safer wrapping of the pallet. Moreover, the process will be faster enough to help you achieve your packaging goals. It means that you will be more than ready to meet the market demands.


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Uploaded on April 24, 2019