Cinematic SF 2017
The Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center premieres their new film project documenting the stories of San Francisco’s diverse and invaluable residents - CINEMATIC SF. Featured local filmmakers R.J. Lozada, Abhi Singh, Kevin Wong, and Jimmy Zhang will present individual documentary shorts reflecting the everyday lives of San Francisco residents. From the struggles of working artists to the daily goings-on of a vital community center, each film paints a unique portrait of the city’s underrepresented communities.

CINEMATIC SF premiered at CAAMFest 2017, with community screenings in venues throughout San Francisco this May 2017.
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Join us for this special event celebrating the works of local filmmakers and the people who live in the great city of San Francisco.


Dir. Kevin Wong
After 25 years as a caregiver, Gayle came to San Francisco to reignite her dream of making it as a Jazz singer. Now in her 60's, she lives in an SRO hotel at the edge of Nob Hill and the Tenderloin and is finally starting to get some regular gigs around the city.

Dir. Abhi Singh
No Vacancy explores the struggles of San Francisco artists as they contend with exorbitant rent prices, developers looking to convert art spaces into luxury condos and a city that isn’t paying attention to them. All the artists in the film face the prospect of being priced out of San Francisco in the near future. These artists are the cultural fabric of a city that doesn’t have room for them anymore.

Dir. Jimmy Zhang
Two youth from the Southeast parts of San Francisco’s —a fourth grader grows up in an unstable household and a senior in high school thrives from the legacy of her grandma, a long time resident of Bayview Hunter’s Point. Through their grandmother’s legacies’ and ultimately distant blessings, two San Francisco youth walk confidently in their soles.

Dir. R.J. Lozada
The Bayanihan Community Center has been a hub of vitality for the Filipino American community. This unassuming space on Sixth and Mission holds space for a myriad of community groups and organizations that gather under the spirits of community, history, and growth. This short documentary is equal parts observational and experimentation and a very small peek into a window of home for so many.

National Endowment for the Arts
California Arts Council
San Francisco Arts Commission
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