USAAF 2016: Resistance
RESISTANCE takes part in and kicks off Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center’s (APICC) 19th annual UNITED STATES OF ASIAN AMERICA FESTIVAL 2016: CIVIL DIS(PLACE)MENT

APICC’s annual group exhibition featuring ten Asian American artists offers ideas, tools and insights against the current tide of gentrification as a way to empower and inspire individuals. The artists themselves have either been directly affected by displacement and/or care passionately about the shifting demographics of their city. Through installation, performance, video, drawing, painting and sculpture, these pieces ask what is the role of the artist and how can we save existing spaces or create new space for all people?

Special Opening Performances: HuiMeng Wang as part of her installation piece 'The Reason We Dine Tonight' will be doing a live one-hour long dinner party performance. Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong, author of book of poetry ravel, will also be presenting new work, a multimedia performance 'Loiter' accompanied by Angela Urata, Molly Fishman, Jonathon Relucio and Wendy Martinez Marroquin.

Curated by Pamela Ybañez

Rea de Guzman
Taro Hattori
Eryn Kimura
Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong
Janna Añonuevo Langholz
Việt Lê
Marcius Noceda
Carlo Ricafort
Pallavi Sharma
HuiMeng Wang

Fri, May 6 @ 7-10pm


Workshop, panel talk and closing events:

*Will take place in the gallery space
**Artwork image from video still of Viet Le's 'Ecipse'

RESISTANCE opens API Cultural Center- San Francisco's 19th United States of Asian America Festival: Civil Dis(place)ment.
Civil Dis(place)ment: A variation on civil disobedience, with the city’s rapidly shifting demographics, what are the issues and narratives that speak to our diverse communities? Particularly in considering that the San Francisco Arts Commission recently published a study that alarmingly found more than 70% of surveyed artists in San Francisco have experienced displacement, how has art, culture, and placemaking subsisted historically and what does art, culture, and placemaking look like for our communities today? How have artists resisted the causes and consequences of displacement, and how do we ensure a future where arts and culture in San Francisco will thrive?
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