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What to expect with a home remodel | by geraldwiley
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What to expect with a home remodel

If you’re the type of person who’s never done a home remodel before, you might wonder what it will take. It can be large and it might take some time, and while you might be excited, you might also be completely terrified. Don’t worry though, for you’ll be able to actually do a whole lot with this, and you’ll be able to understand just what you’re scared of. This article will help you face your fears, regardless of it’s a huge project, or just replacing a part of the home with some faux stone panels.


The first is dust. Even when you’re using faux stone panels

, and even when you’re trying to keep things relatively in order, you’re going to have dust in many parts of your home. For larger projects, this can be a nightmare. However, there are ways to control the spread of it. Your first course of action is to close the area where the construction is happening with a compression wall. You can put some air filtering systems in there as well. You should keep the house warm without your furnace and don’t let air go into the area. You should consult an HVAC company if you’re thinking to use this sort of thing for your project.


The next thing is noise. Even when you’re spending but a few hours putting together a few faux stone panels, there will be some noise, and for major projects, it’s going to feel like it goes on forever. There are many different tools being used, and there will be little peace and quiet. You should work to stay away from the area when you can, or go somewhere else when the noise is really bad. You’ll thank your sanity later.


Then there are the highs that you feel. In some cases, you might be excited just to have at least one wall knocked down, or maybe you demolished all the floors that looked awful. Or maybe you finally got those pesky faux stone panels up. Whatever it might be, you should take the time to feel good at times and make sure that you do take breaks because it can be pretty ridiculous in many types of situations.


There is also the fact that the opposite that might happen. You might feel frustrated because it keeps happening, that you’re spending so much money, or you’re tired of just having many different people in your home. You might also be tired of things not going the way that you planned. However, you shouldn’t feel so bad, because these things do take time, and for many people, the time was worth it. So don’t be scared, but instead, you’ll be able to push through, for it’s worth it in the end.


For many, remodeling a home, even a small change, can be quite different from what you expect, but remember that the end results of all your efforts are worth it, so you should keep persisting on.


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Uploaded on August 19, 2016