Media Contents Regulation Program
“To ban such depictions in TV & Print Media Commercials and Contents which promotes Wrong Practices of Traffic Rules and Regulations”

As per 2015 report of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), India reported 1, 46,133 persons killed in road traffic crashes. The factor most commonly emerged in almost all its report is the ‘Drivers Fault’. This implies that the root cause behind these huge traffic crashes and fatalities in India is ‘Wrong Road Traffic Behaviour’ of road users.
Among many factors that encourage wrong traffic behaviour in road users, scenes in Movies, TV Commercials and narrations in Media Reports and News Contents depicting and illustrating violation of Road Traffic Rules and Road Safety norms are the major one.
TRAXwant advertisements to showcase ‘safe driving behaviour’ rather than depicting negligent/dangerous driving and over speeding with a ‘fun’ element. TRAX would like to stress upon the fact that “driving is not ‘fun’ especially in case of road traffic crashes, the impact of TV commercials from automobile industry can play a pivotal role in inculcating ‘correct road traffic behaviour’ in road users about traffic rules and their compliance, safety norms and cognizance about road traffic environment are prerequisite for a safe drive, for self and for fellow road users”.
To promote ‘Correct Road Traffic Behaviour’on roads it is mandatory that TV commercials from automobile industry should be made responsible in promoting ‘safety aspect’ amongst road users and tempting negligent and dangerous road behaviour.
We have been working on the issue since past two years (2015).Initially TRAX faced many hurdles to present the idea of imposing a Ban on TV Commercials, Scenes in Movies & TV Serials and raised the road safety issue across India as a major safety concern with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, Road Safety, Supreme Court of India, Advertising Standard Committee, Council of India, Censor Board and Other stakeholders. For this we organised ‘Pehal’ Advocacy Seminar held at ‘Press Club’, Lucknow with Media on ‘Role of Media in promotion of Road Safety and Allied Issues’ whereU.P.Transport Commissioner: Mr. K Ravindra Naik; All reputed Media houses in U.P. along with Chief Guest, Mrs. Surbhi Ranjan who’s the wife of Mr Alok Ranjan: U.P. Chief Secretary were present.
Recently, TRAX has submitted the report to World Health Organisation too.
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