Helmet India Campaign-A Helmet Safety Intervention Programme
According to WHO Road Traffic Injuries,2015 wearing a motorcycle helmet correctly can reduce the risk of death by almost 40% and the risk of severe injury by over 70%. Helmet India Campaign is launched in August'2014 to secure two wheelers riders from Serious Head Injuries they may suffer in a Road Crash and its treacherous results. This campaign is a move to inculcate Helmet wearing as a habit from childhood.
And the objectives are:
* Advocacy for kid's helmet as a pillion rider(Recommendations Submitted To Authorities)
*Bicycle Helmet for all age groups
*Motorbike helmet as per the tropical atmosphere of country
*Community mobilization
Recently, we've campaigned for ICICI Lombard where in 3000 Kids Helmets were distributed amongst local school children(Delhi and Noida).
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