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Battle of Mimban / Back to building :D | by h2brick
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Battle of Mimban / Back to building :D

“It has been weeks since me and my platoon arrived here on the mud hole of Mimban. So long so that me and the men don’t know exactly when we even landed or when the fighting began for us. We presume weeks have gone by, but it could be longer than that. Fighting on a planet that doesn’t stop fighting back can make you lose track of time. Not to mention all the other things in and out of the trenches that can make you go insane. Flashes of light that glimmer in the dark, the constant sound of blaster fire, soldiers yelling for help or calling out a victory cheer, mud that flings in your face just as you think you’ve found the best cover in your trench, Mimban in the end is only for those who wish to truly let rage take over. All of this effort on one planet just to push them into submission. You’d think that by now, the Emperor would be prepared to recall all forces, but no, something here is of such importance to risk the number of men and accept the loses. I myself have just made it my goal to stay alive and kill however many number of these filthy traitors we call the Mimbanese. In an effort to minimize the amount of defectors, Lieutenant Bolandin ordered a pit be assembled for a beast we discovered during one of our attempts to push forward. Some believe it to be a Wookiee, natives on the planet Kashyyyk. In our downtime, which we rarely have, we would throw prisoners to it and watch the beast tear it limb from limb. At least we have something to look forward to if we make it out alive at the end of the day.”


Hope you enjoyed the story and my most recent MOC. It’s been quite a while since the last and it’s good to be back building again. If you want to see more about this build, me breaking it down, watch the video on my YouTube channel. I talk about the minifigs, the MOC itself and more. Thank you for reading and comment below your thoughts!

~ Noah

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Uploaded on July 26, 2020