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LoR Introduction Challenge | by Jayden & Moira
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LoR Introduction Challenge

Colwyn (Primary)


Colwyn was raised in a small fishing village. He and his family provided simple wooden craft for the townsfolk to use in their day to day lives, from axe handles to small boats, if it was needed, it was made. He aged and learned and eventually moved south to Lenfald to train as a bowyer's apprentice. After years of training he was deported following the emplacement of the King's tariffs. He settled in Dolchstadt and was forced to develop a small carpentry enterprise in order to provide an income.



Dare (Secondary)


Dare grew up in the far south as a member of the tribal warrior-class. She aged with her tribe and was drawn upon when the Queen called her banners. Her's, among other tribes, was sent north to pillage and subjugate the Garhim people. As the outlaw forces broke and were beaten out of Garheim, Dare remained. She chose to start a peaceful life in the border town of Dolchstadt as most of her tribe was slaughtered in the resurgence of the local forces.



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Uploaded on November 7, 2016