2018 Spring Co-op Academy Graduation
Congratulations to the Graduates!
1. Batty Works
2. Heal the Healers
3. Ityopia Rootz
4. Khao'na Kitchen
5. MoFya!
6. Parkoop

Special thanks to Senator Jamaal T. Bailey and Councilmember Helen Rosenthal for attending and supporting the work that we do!

Also thanks to Jeff Suttles for tickling the ivory keys and playing beautiful music.

Also thanks to our new interns from John Jay College/Apple Corps for helping us setup and supporting us in making this event go smoothly!

Thanks to worker-owner cooperative Woke Foods for providing delicious vegetarian fare.

And always thankful to our host The Point CDC for the awesome space and Yamil Tavez for the tech support!

Batty Works We make body products from natural, organic and green ingredients. A hybrid consumer and worker cooperative founded by people with mental illness and/or disability who need economical and vocational empowerment.

Heal the Healers Restorative Network Builds capacity among a network of healers of all kinds. Fosters a culture of self & community care for healers in the face of frequent burn-out. People are seeking alternative and complementary knowledge from indigenous and traditional healers more frequently - we are looking to co-create more sustainable healing practices in service of broader communal well-being.

Ityopia Rootz Rastafari whole food experience for a healthier life. Born out of our desire to make good, healthy food accessible to everyone, and to break the cycle of diet related diseases in our families & community. People can live healthier lives by consuming great-tasting, high-quality, nutritious vegan food that appeals to everyone, while at the same time doing our part to support a sustainable earth.

Khao'na Kitchen We offer wellness coaching, educational workshops/curriculum, and the catering of traditional Indian + Filipino meals with a healthy twist.

MoFya! Food Trucks provide affordable, sustainable, delectable Caribbean fusion cuisine for the mind, body, soul and environment. In a few words, we provide Mobile Fusion For Every Body!

Parkoop A parking business that empowers workers to economically improve their lives and conditions while providing quality customer service within the parking industry.
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