Gentrification is Not Inevitable
Friday, February 3, 2017 at Green Worker Cooperatives

Gentrification Is Not Inevitable: Land Trusts and Cooperatives

Panel Event
Kendall Jackman
Omar Freilla
Mychal Johnson

Green Worker Cooperatives, and the Bronx Organizer’s Collective united to host an event to hear from a community leaders on the cutting edge of long term solutions versus the problem facing Bronxites - gentrification of their neighborhood and the displacement of their families and businesses.

We see the folks across the city who have limited resources in a desperate fight against the big money of developers. Not to mention the housing policies that favor those developers. Bronxites are searching for tools to stay in their homes and businesses, to have real affordable rents to be near their families, jobs, and more.

The good news is there are community led alternatives being used throughout the five boroughs to protect residents. Even as redevelopment and displacement happens around us, the Bronx has a tradition of building shared ownership.

Shared ownership is an economic development strategy that organizations can use and are using in their services and campaigns for residents. We know that tools such as community land trusts, and housing & worker cooperatives can provide stability to those most vulnerable. Green Worker Cooperatives believe these are solutions to the problems of a shifting city and we can give our assistance to community groups and individuals to begin the process of growing collective wealth. Here, in the Bronx.

Photography by Ileia Burgos
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