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The Martian Putlockers | by duongnguyen34
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The Martian Putlockers

The Martian Putlockers very cool. The Martian is a dyed-in-the-wool Hollywood movie of a grand space adventure. The movie's screen-writing and direction is, true to its subject, like an optimized space-craft, which has exactly those components it requires for its singular objective and absolutely nothing else. The objective of 'The Martian' is to be a good family sci-fi space adventure, following in footsteps of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Zathura: A Space Adventure, etc. , that is specifically targeted at the sense of humor of kids and young teens of this generation. The movie also has elements of nostalgia targeted specifically at the generation of their parents. The Martian serves as a vessel that carries its entertaining feel-good story to its intended audience and does it well, but carries little else for anybody else.


It is likely that this movie will disappoint several viewers, not so much because it is inherently bad, but more so because it does nothing to satisfy their expectations. In past decade, many PG and G movies have found massive adult following because movie expected to be for kids have turned out to be remarkably deep and rich in story that appeals to grown-ups. The Martian is totally opposite to this trend, in that, it is a movie expected to be for grown-ups with serious space exploration, marooning, desolation, imminent and impending death, existential crisis, nonchalant bureaucratic space administration - an 'Office Space' in space on a Monday... with car keys missing and presentation document lost! The Martian is 'Office Space' that starts on Friday 4 pm with a bit of issues till 5pm, continues through a balmy weekend with well behaved kids, friendly neighbors, BBQ with BYOB, lots of blue clouds and Sun and ends on Sunday night. There are a few instances of trouble with lighter fluid and getting the BBQ going, but nothing that will erase that smile off your face or place the weekend in any real jeopardy. In the end, the kids learn that getting a BBQ requires some patience, and problems of missing charcoal and pickles can be resolved with an indefatigable cheery disposition and lots of banter with your enormously friendly neighbors. So much so that even the, otherwise ignored, Chinese family in the neighborhood can be invited to join the BBQ. Big things can be accomplished when everyone pitches in and works as a team!


Summary: Take your kids and go see this movie as a family in a theater near you. It's good entertainment and inspiration for kids. Every generation of kids should have a movie that inspires them to dream of becoming an astronaut someday. The Martian does this well. Others may want to skip this one or watch it on BluRay on a slow evening.

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Uploaded on February 5, 2018