Community Center Display - January 2017
This is TBQ's fifth “One Woman Quilt Show”. We have been hanging quilts since this building was first opened in January 2007. The TEN quilts you see here were made by Carolyn Edwards. She has been coordinating the hanging of the quilt displays here at the Adult Center since January 2007, so we're celebrating her ten year anniversary, too!

The quilts now hanging in the Atrium of the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center are as follows, (standing at the Reception Desk, looking South out the front door, beginning with the first small quilt to the right, in the southwest corner, and going around the room clockwise):

(small quilt location—southwest corner):

“Garden Wall” ~ This is a Row Quilt. The theme was named by Carolyn and the first row was passed to six of her friends. They could add a row to the top or bottom of the quilt. Row passing started 02-18-97 and finished 09-10-98. Borders were added by Carolyn. Machine quilted by Sandy Holderness.

(Large Quilts on West Wall):

“3 x 9 Friendship Quilt” ~Two different friendship group exchanges created this quilt—3” blocks (center) and 9-patch blocks in the next two borders. Machine quilted by Maggie Keller.

“Happy Birthday, Sweetcakes” ~ Blocks were made by TBQ members and given to Carolyn for her 63rd birthday. Pattern name is 'Triple Nine Patch'. Per Barbara Brackman, 19th century scrapbags were full of browns & pinks, remnants of every day sewing—girls wore pink, their mothers wore brown up to the end of the century.

“My Coxcomb” ~ Anita Shackelford's reproduction pattern of an antique quilt. Hand appliqued by Carolyn and machine quilted by Maggie Keller and Mickey DePlanche.

(small quilt location—northwest corner):

60 Hats and Wasn't that a Party ~ Hat blocks were made by Carolyn and friends for her 60th birthday. Machine quilted by Gwen McNallen.

(small quilt location—northeast corner):

Neopolatin ~ This was a Royal Cross class taught by Sharyn Craig at TBQ made in favorite colors of Carolyn and her husband. Machine quilted by Desiree Archuleta.

(Large Quilts on the East Wall):

Land Ho ~ This is a “round robin” or a “border challenge”, where the center block was made by the quilt owner and passed to five other quilters. Participants were from 5 states. Hand quilted.

Birthday Bash ~ This is a mini-group project by the Featherweights, where everyone made blocks for the birthday girl. Machine quilted by Sandy Holderness. Pattern is an old favorite: the wrench block.

August 1st ~ Inspired by a quilt that appeared in AQS 1988 Quilt Art Calendar on August 1st. This is a crossover quilt-started in one century and finished in the next. Maggie Keller quilted it.

(small quilt location—southeast corner):

Therapy Hearts ~ Twin quilts were made by Carolyn and her friend Kris Peterson of West Des Moines, Iowa, when Kris had a breast cancer diagnosis. Piecing these quilts was the therapy needed. Machine quilted by Desiree Archuleta.
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