2018 June Print Competition
Congratulations to John Keane on winning the Print competition with his lovely sunset print of Looscaunagh and to Martin Veskilt on winning the Novice category with his Ducklings!
Here are the top 3 in each category:

1. John Keane 127 pts
2. Billy Dermody 126 pts
3. Micheal OSearcoid 121 pts

We had to do a count back of the scores to separate the top 3 in the Novice category as they all had the same total points!
1. Martin Veskilt 114 pts
2. Ille Muule 114 pts
3. Keith Johnson 114pts

Well done to Billy Dermody on winning the overall POTY competition and to Keith Johnson on winning the Novice POTY,
Here are the top 3 in each:
1 Billy Dermody 329 pts
2. Terry MacSweeney 322 pts
3. John Keane 308 pts

Novice POTY:
1. Keith Johnson 306 pts
2. Noel O'Neill 274 pts
3. Maryann Heidtke 259 pts.
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