170703 MEDirections Annual Conference | Beyond Borders and States: The New Actors of the Globalised Middle East

The conference will provide academic analysis and fieldwork-research findings on the main dynamics and actors that are transforming the region, as well as on the links between local dynamics and broader trans-national trends.

The conference will be structured in three thematic panels, dedicated respectively to:
1. The social roots of radicalisation and violence, the transformations in the religious field and sectarianism;
2. The new forms of governance from above and from below that emerged after the Arab Spring as well as their interactions in the new regional order;
3. The conventional and unconventional diplomatic processes and initiatives, the role played by non-state actors, the faith-based diplomacy, the interplay between different levels and actors of mediation.

To conclude the conference, a roundtable with a selected group of international experts from the worlds of academia, practice and mass media will discuss the key points highlighted in the three panels. The objective of this debate is to encourage connections, comparaisons and further perspectives.
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