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18.  Moss Graffiti Mural | by Lollycopter
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18. Moss Graffiti Mural

Everyone Together Different was a collaborative project created by Joan Vorderbruggen, Anton Pearson, Tammy Wong, Tom Siler, Liseli Polivka, Sam Pitmon, and Sheila Regan. The idea came about because of a facebook post which a friend of Sheilaʼs posted, that she shared with her friends. The post was originally from Street Art in Germany, and it basically offered pictographic instructions on how to make “moss graffiti” by blending moss, retention gel, and buttermilk, and painting it onto a wall. After posting the instructions, Joan immediately messaged Sheila that she thought it would be a perfect project for Artists in Storefronts. Sheila came up with a list of different slogans and quotations, of which Joan picked her favorites: “Freedom to Love in Peace” and “Everyone Together Different”. After first choosing the former option, Tammy Wong, the owner of Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, whose wall we were to work on, decided she felt strongly in favor of the latter. The message speaks to the diversity of the neighborhood- both the residents and the businesses- and acts as a call for collaboration while at the same time recognizing the value of difference. Anton Pearson created the simple and elegant font for the words as part of his capstone for MCAD. He said that as the moss grows, it will add character and nuance to the design. On April 10, Joan, Anton, Tom, Liseli, Sam and Sheila met at night to paint the letters. Anton projected the design onto the wall, and after Tom outlined the letters with chalk, we took turns painting in the moss goop. Joan has added a few additional coats since then and waters it daily with a 2 gallon dilution of water and buttermilk. The cold temperatures have given the moss a slow start, and Joan has coined it “a $200 lose or a million dollar win.” This moss wall is an experiment and may not grow as intended, still the words are clear. Like many manifestations of street art, we are using an ephemeral form, but hopefully the message will live at least throughout this yearʼs growing season.

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Taken on May 2, 2011