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Bright Clouds on Uranus | by NASA Hubble
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Bright Clouds on Uranus

This false-color image from the Hubble Space Telescope reveals Uranus dotted with clouds and surrounded by its four major rings and by 10 of its 17 known satellites.


Hubble found about 20 clouds — nearly as many clouds on Uranus as the previous total in the history of modern observations. The orange-colored clouds near the prominent bright band circle the planet at more than 300 mph (500 kph). One of the clouds on the right-hand side is brighter than any other cloud ever seen on Uranus.


The colors in the image indicate altitude. Green and blue regions show where the atmosphere is clear and sunlight can penetrate deep into Uranus. In yellow and gray regions the sunlight reflects from a higher haze or cloud layer. Orange and red colors indicate very high clouds, such as cirrus clouds on Earth.


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Credit: Erich Karkoschka (University of Arizona) and NASA

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Uploaded on February 22, 2019