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Batwing 1989 | by cehnot
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Batwing 1989

Tim Burton's iconic Batwing remains the most iconic airship Batman flew. The vehicles were all unique.


The Batwing created the iconic bat signal by flying up to the moon, then swiftly dropping back to earth. This inspiring scene is what drove me to building this vehicle.


The various new parts in 2019 finally brought my project to life. Using parts created in the 1990s as well as 2019 made this ship look and feel authentic. Using shcematics, model references and varous screenshots I shaped the vehicle based on its outlines then solved how they would fit together with the current list of parts.


The Batwing is actually a small ship, as seen when it crash lands in Gotham. When you look up the final proportions and vehicle dimensions it is actually 3 feet shorter than the batmobile. I had to make a decision to either honor the exterior shape or size proportioned to my Batmobile. My Batwing is 3 studs longer (26 studs) than the Batmobile (23 studs).


Overall, I am most proud of the profile shape matching the iconic bat symbol.


The ship also contains an engine built into the structure of the rear.


The Batwing features a cockpit that is able to fit 1 minifig as well as wing air flaps like the real model

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Uploaded on January 13, 2020