Rollei B35 & Ilford FP4+ @ISO 200
Photographed with a Rollei B35 compact 35mm Zone focus viewfinder cam.
Expired Ilford FP4+ @ISO 200
Developed in R09, Semi stand.
Scanned on Dualscan IV
Oct 2016

This was a trial roll for this camera as I wasn't 100% sure the meter or shutter were accurate but overall it looks close enough.
Slight levels and curves adjustment.

Lovely camera to shoot with and full detailed youtube review coming soon on my channel 'spidiq8'

I expected at least a third of these to be out of focus despite shooting at a fixed aperture of f8 and adjusting shutter speed due to close composition of several images and foregetting to focus due to being used to SLR and Rangefinder cameras.
Far fewer than expected were out of focus however.
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