Turner Construction with Lyndhurst School
On June 9th, 2016, Turner Construction Company led an interactive construction signage design activity with a group of 3rd-5th grade Lyndhurst Elementary School students. Participants filled in outlined letters “S.T.E.A.M.,” an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, with color images. The letters will be scaled and transferred to a giant banner covering part of the school construction fence.

The STEAM subject matter was a perfect fit for Lyndhurst- Principal Lowe has increased the amount of STEAM-based instruction in the school for students grades K and up. By 2018, Lyndhurst will be a fully renovated, K-8, school. “Next year, our school will enter the second cohort of the SABES [STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools] program. This program includes a 45 minute block of science each day for our students,” stated Dr. Lowe. “I’m also thinking of innovative ways to use technology in our renovated school environment- we could even use cell phones as teaching tools. We won’t have to worry about things, like electrical sockets, not working.”

“I’m excited about getting new laptops in our school!” – Destiny A. (4th grade)
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