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Tips For A Clutter-Free Home | by jewellhalverson
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Tips For A Clutter-Free Home

Many of us live in a space, and life, that is cluttered and needs immediate attention. With more and more demands every day, the goal of an organized home gets neglected. We want to organize everything around us but feel like we don't have the ideas or motivation to do it. Here, we will show you how to streamline your life the modern way.


Saving the date

Birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and holidays - there are so many dates of so many loved ones that you want to remember. Why not write them down on a notebook? This process should take less than a few minutes. Your family and friends will be glad of your thoughtful wishes. Saving the date is the way to begin organizing your house just the way you wanted.


Filing or not filing tax returns

Do you wish you had a storage room full of tax returns and related documents that you could access from time to time? No one wants to imagine this. So why not toss those returns after about 6 years of gathering dust? The best way to solve this issue is to convert all those old piles of papers into digital form and either shred or dispose the hard copies, that way you can make room for other things.


Classic clothing is the latest trend

Never underestimate the power of those pencil skirt, sleek neutral slacks, tailored button-down tops and classic denim jeans. You never know when you may need it, so store them carefully. Besides, reusing old clothes is a great way to help environment and save money as well.


Family photos are real treasure

Get a huge frame and create a collage from those family photos. In the event of a get-together, you can always cherish old memories, openly. Design of frames abound when it comes to storing pictures.


Home improvement record keeping

You don't want to be in the middle of a home project and discover that it has been done previously. Take a minute to record every change that you have made at your home. When you sell the house, you are ready to explain everything to your prospective buyers. Likewise, when you have no record of your home improvement, you are wasting money and time. So, the next time you are moved to make an improvement, record it.


Plastic containers for storage

Those old, unused plastic containers can be put to good use in many ways. If you have plenty of them lying around, why not use them to store small items. Not only that they come handy for leftovers from previous days' dinners, they can be used to store things like pins, buttons, pens, markers, tools and much else.


Donating to a good cause

What will you be doing with those clothes that you have never worn in the past 8 years? Electronics that were out of date? And what about kids toys that your kids outgrew? Donate! You can drop off these items at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill or just hold a garage sale at your house. Take an hour from a year to view and collect which items can be donated. Stash them in cardboard boxes as soon as you find a new item that you no longer use. This way your house will be clean and clutter-free.


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Uploaded on September 8, 2018