Human Cities/ Sharing Cloud Kragujevac 2017
The “HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD – Kragujevac 2017” program consisted of an inspirational creative conference searching for proposals for design-thinking and participative-urbanism in Serbia and Europe today, as well as an exhibition of works of all eleven partners of the “Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018” project. One of the presented projects is BDW’s “Creative Grand Park” development, developed as part of the Human Cities/ project and built as the first private / public partnership of its kind, between the Foundation Dragica Nikolić and the City of Kragujevac.

The conference ”HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD – Kragujevac 2017” ” presented a unique opportunity for engaged citizens and citizen’s initiatives, municipal administrations, universities, urban planers, architects, artists, economists, government, media and students from all vocations, to get introduced to the latest European developments about exploring the way in which the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of well-being and quality of life. These structural changes are impacting both people and places like shops, public squares, parks, or streets in town and city centers.
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