U-topia {wip}
"U-topia" a participatory, ubiquitous performance.

— in 1516 sir Thomas More completed his most controversial book, Utopia, a novel in latin which was published by Erasmus in Leuven.
In 2016, after 500 centuries, institutions and organizations across the globe are celebrating this book, which gave rise to the utopian/dystopian literary genre.
La Cura, together with Matera 2019 and Radio3/Materadio, Materelettrica concrete425 and Nefula is launching the “-U-Topia” project: and connective dictionary to reinvent new meanings and new aesthetics for contemporary utopias, capable to recognize “the beauty that interconnects” (cit. G. Bateson).
The dictionary is an ubiquitous platform for people expression, a series of dissemination processes and a new interconnective ritual which will take place in Matera from 23th to 25th September 2016, during the annual Materadio festival.

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