Southern X450
The #X450 was built in 1970 by Garant Corp in Spartanburg SC for the Southern Railway which placed it in service all over its system. In 1990 the Norfolk Southern, which inherited the caboose, decided to retire it. It was donated to the Morristown, TN Waste Treatment Center, which planned to use it as a classroom focusing on environmental issues. The classroom was never established and the caboose sat for years, subject to vandalism. The Watauga Valley Chapter NRHS purchased the #X450 from the Morristown Waste Management Center in 2005 and moved it to Jonesborough via flatbed trailer. Restoration of the caboose was completed in Summer 2016 and it now sits proudly on display next to the Chuckey Depot and Museum in Jonesborough, TN.
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